Investigating how smart technologies change the way we know and govern our cities

Using smart technologies in our day-to-day city lives creates draws on and creates new forms of knowledge about our cities and ourselves. This is knowledge which we may not have had previously, or which may have been created differently in the past. If we know our cities differently, this creates new possiblities for practice and for governance. In other words: the processes of knowledge creation and use are intimately intertwined with politics.Therefore, this research project asks questions such as: what kinds of knowledge are being produced? What do these knowledges shed light on, and what do they withdraw from our gaze? How do these different forms of knowledge production, circulation and use inform urban governance? And how does this differ from existing ways of knowing, doing urban governance and fulfilling urban functions?

We answer these questions through in-depth case studies spread across cities in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.