Project meeting 2: Exploring our case studies

In March 2017, the project’s second meeting took place in Toulouse. The main aim of this meeting was to present and select the case studies for the project. Prior to the meeting, all partners had described a wide variety of cases along two dimensions: empirical focus (urban regeneration; sensing and mapping; data platforms; smart mobility; and fablabs and hacking) and conceptual focus (governance; place and scale; implications/transformations; and citizenship). Extensive discussions during this meeting and subsequent online meetings ultimately resulted in the selection of cases as presented on this website – although this is a living document and some cases have been added at a later stage as they emerged in the cities we study.

A key highlight of this meeting was visiting Ekito – a business incubator. This company advises both startups as well as ‘king companies’, for example from the aviation industry on ‘agility and lean management’, using methodologies such as the business canvas. Drawing on this experience, they are keen to contribute towards the sustainability and desirability of the city through participation. To do so, they use interactive devices such as the “Nacelle”, a round wooden bench that can seat around 8-10 people and which can be easily assembled and disassembled. This makes it possible to use the Nacelle for pop-up activities throughout the city. According to Ekito, this tool can help put issues on the municipal agenda. For example, it gave people who opposed redevelopments around the main church – because these redevelopments would make the archeological remains under the earth’s surface inaccessible – a voice which local government could not ignore.

The Nacelle

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