Project meeting 6: Synthesis

On the 12th and 13th of February, the KNOWING team convened in the city of Freiburg to  create an overview of the project’s results, to start synthesizing the project’s overall research findings, to discuss plans to engage with societal stakeholders about these findings.

Our inventory of publications – planned, submitted and published – resulted in a surprisingly long list:

Paper output


With regard to synthesis, we realized that there are a number of observations that cut across the studied cases, but that there is also a lot of diversity between the cases. Debate arose whether our synthesis should consist of substantive findings, a set of concepts or perhaps a number of questions that researchers and/or societal stakeholders may want to ask when engaging with smart in urban contexts. Synthesis will therefore be an ongoing activity for the months to come.

With regard to interaction with stakeholders on the project’s findings, we hope to organize an interactive session to engage in conversation with national-level and European-level to see how our understandings of and approach to the knowledge politics of smart can be of use in addressing policy-concerns.

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