Lyon is the second largest metropolis in France, and its second most important industrial center after Paris. Lyon is also one of the leading French cities in terms of scientific research and higher education. Lyon is certainly one of the most advanced ‘smart’ city experiments in France and one of the most ambitious in terms of building a city of the future.

Smart initiatives are developed around the ideas of energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction via smart mobility programs. Some projects have been in existence for number of years already and there are visible results. Most of the Lyon’s projects are on the city and metropolis level. Lyon actively participates in the European ‘smart’ city projects, for examples in “Smarter Together” with Munich and Vienne. There is a strong participation of large French and international companies in the ‘smart’ city initiatives in the city.

One of the biggest and most ambitious projects within the smart city initiative is the construction of the new Confluence district, that will double the city center, and Lyon Smart Community, which operates within this district. It entails the construction of new buildings and the reconstruction of existing ones in accordance with the requirements of energy efficiency and sustainability. Lyon Smart Community – a demonstrator of an exemplary smart city area which is energy efficient and managed by the most modern ICT technology. Yet another example of Lyon’s international partnership, this time with NEDO, Japan’s largest innovation support agency.  Carried out in public/private partnership with large companies: Bouygues real estate, Veolia Transdev and Grand Lyon Habitat from the French side and Toshiba from the Japanese side.

Participating in French Tech programme, Lyon aims at promoting and accelerating the emergence of start-ups. One the initiatives, that allows the city to support the development of innovative start-ups, rather than accompanying and hosting start-up companies through financing, is TUBA – an urban laboratory and an incubator for the companies working in the field of innovation, the place where different companies and individuals can participate in development and testing of innovative products and services, a place to exchange ideas.

Data from the Data Grand Lyon platform is one of the centres of attention in TUBA as a potential resource for innovative business ideas. Created under the new national requirement for cities to open access to their data, Data Grand Lyon attributes a lot of importance to data privacy, while focusing a lot of its efforts on promoting the data for the use by economic and civil society actors.