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Working papers (small selection)

Timothy Moss, Friederike Voigt, Sören Becker: Smart urban nature: digital publics re-coding ecology in Berlin

Evelien de Hoop: Preparing for disaster? The knowledge politics of experimenting with measuring and mapping gamma radiation

Simon Marvin, Rachel Macrorie, and co-authors from ORA Knowing project: Constructing a market for smart cities: Towards a universalising regime of computational governance

Fields, D. and Macrorie, R. Platform urbanism: Debating why digital platforms matter for urban studies.

Macrorie, R., Marvin, S. et al. Constructing a European market for smart cities: A “common” framework.

Non-academic publications

Smith, Adrian (18-04-2018). Smart cities need thick data, not big data.

Smith, Adrian (04-04-2015). Tooling-up: civic visions, fablabs and grassroots activism. The Guardian.